Today is the day of tackling all the documents accompanying the project. Including rather confusing metadata.

First, I’ve focused on writing clear description of layers. There are three main layers: ‘Lights-natural’, ‘Roof’ and ‘Walls’. The ‘Lights-natural’ layer contains all the features that create the daylight effect in the scene. Since our model is and outdoor model, we didn’t want to add any artificial lights, so that concludes this layer.

‘Roof’ layer contains five sub-layers and object constructing the main geometry of the roof. Two sub-layers were created to contain the geometry creating two side walls on the roof(‘Roof Front Wall’, ‘Roof Back Wall’). ‘Shingles’ is a layer that will be kept invisible, since it contains our first attempt at building the roof where we tried to create each shingle as a separate geometry. ‘Plank’ and ‘Ornament’ are the final sub-layers which contain geometry creating the finishing touches of the roof architecture, including the characteristic roof topper shaped like a heart/horseshoe.

The final layer, ‘Walls’, has the most sub-layers. One for each wall (Front, Back, Left and Right), which are sub-divided into another three sub-chapters containing all the stills, beams and staves that create the architecture of the church. ‘Pillars’ contains the geometry of the corner pillars and two smaller pillars on each side of the door. The final sub-layer, contains geometry of the door, hinges and ornaments topping the side pillars.