13122986_1227372897280344_7972456274490462148_o” Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto “

Polish expatriate in Ireland. Rookie Anthropologist with a Celtic Studies twist and determination to remain within liminal realm of interdisciplinarity.

My BA thesis in Anthropology focused on the commemoration of 1944 Warsaw Uprising and its meaning for national identity. One of the chapters was focused on Warsaw Uprising Museum, which design is quite revolutionary in the context of Polish museums (mostly due to a conscious effort to make the experience multisensorial). To my surprise, this was one of the most enjoyable part of my ethnography and brought me closer to the general area of how we think about our heritage, how we present it to the audiences and in what ways we can engage with it.

In my brief adventure with Digital Humanities, I would like to look at ways in which we can preserve our cultural heritage, but also how we can make it more interesting and engaging. I believe that merging technology and more ‘traditional’ methods can contribute to this shift. The secondary goal would be to convince the field that ethnography could be a valuable asset to (already) impressive set of skills that would improve the end product of any project.