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3D Project: Part Three

With the basic geometry ready, it was time to look into some of the details. I’ve decided to start working on the roof. The most distinct feature of Irish timber churches is the ornament placed on each side of the building at the highest point of the roof, at the joint of two side planks. I’ve started by creating a line that copied the shape of the ornament – the plan was to extrude it and mirror the other half of the piece. Simple in practice, it took few tries and I’ve hit a wall when I was unable to create additional vertexes and edges on the front-facing polygon of the object. Frustrated by lack of progress – and weird abominations of geometry that happened in the process – I’ve decided to move on and try to work on the shingles. read more

Here be Dragons: The Fear of Progress*


It seems like every time new research field or method is created, muffled wave of outrage ripples through the academia, triggered by skepticism, disbelief and fear of drastic change it could bring. Although very few scholars would admit it, it’s visible in heated arguments exchanged in reviews and articles. It’s only natural – when Bronislaw Malinowski introduced ethnography as a ‘must use’ tool, the anthropological scene in the UK (and in the world) was shocked and VERY uncomfortable with the idea. Yet, with years it did became a standard. read more

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