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3D Project: Part Ten

Today was devoted to fixing up and cataloguing all the materials that I’ve made. And boy did it take up some time, especially since every single object needed its own UVW Map modifier that was adjusted manually. The good side of this rather tedious job was the fact that I could position the textures differently which gives an impression that the wooden planks vary.


Of course things weren’t as smooth as anticipated and when I’ve moved to making the walls material (above), 3ds Max first crashed – and then wouldn’t render the material. But after changing it from standard material to Autodesk hardwood material, rendering magically started working again. Couldn’t complain after such turn of events! read more

3D Project: Part Eight

The misery continues. Since both myself and Ethan work on the same project, we can’t work on the main scene at the same time. Ethan has been finishing the planks on all the walls, so not to waste too much time, I’ve decided to try and make the little ornaments at the top of the pillars on two sides of the door.

The easiest way would be to draw up the shape, but sadly nothing is easy with 3ds Max. I’ve decided to create a box and boolean out a cone to create the four tips. Seemed like an easy enough idea. I’ve started deforming the geometry and trying to re-create the shape of the ornament. It was not an easy job… read more

3D Project: Part Seven

At this stage I shouldn’t be surprised that executing simple ideas starts off easy and then in mysterious way gets very problematic. I’m starting to suspect extreme talent on my part.

Reference: Door of the Haltdalen church

Door. It can’t be hard to make door, right? With Ethan working on the side walls of the church, I’ve created a separate scene and started building the geometry. Simple box, with good few segments that will allow creating the arch at the top, which in turn will get slightly extruded. Initially I’ve extruded all sides of the box, but then decided to settle for just the top section, since I had the side pillars built in the main project already. read more

3D Project: Part Six

  After working on the materials using textures from, I’ve decided to try fixing the roof. Initially, wanting to represent the shingles as best as possible, I’ve decided to shape them out of box shape, copy the geometry and place it, so that it imitates the roof of the Haltdalen church (the shingles on the high crosses have similar shape). As seen above, it did, somewhat, work. However, I was curious to see if we can get better, more realistic effect.

I’ve managed to find a texture with similar enough shape and decided to delete all the geometric shingles and apply the texture to a plain ‘original’ geometry. Of course, like with everything else, it couldn’t be as easy. The first attempts to match bumps and diffusion of the bitmap gave some… peculiar results. It was also frustrating to make sure that the texture points the same way on each side of the roof. It took good few tries using both the UV Map modifier and the rotating tool in the material menu, but eventually, I’ve got satisfying result. read more

3D Project: Part Five

Today was a day of experimenting with the materials. It is the day during which for the first time I’ve felt like I’ve finally got a hang of 3ds Max after turning my lego-like pillar into wooden pillar. How naive I was to think it will all go smoothly from then on…The first pillar looked great, but somehow, when I applied the same material to other pillars, the end-result changed.     The first pillar still had its perfect bumps, will all the others looked more thorny. Messing with UV Map modifier helped a bit, but it still gave different result than during the first trial with one pillar. The same values of bitmap bump and diffusion showed different results in rendering and the small victory turned into another bitter defeat. read more

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