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  2. Text As Networks – Annotated Bibliography — 28th November 2014
  3. Rubber Duck Debugging — 13th November 2014
  4. Learning R – Next Steps — 13th November 2014
  5. Learning R – Understanding the Basics — 13th November 2014

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Apr 02

Sentiment Analysis – Further Down the ‘R’abbit Hole

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 19.22.55

It seems rather strange to think that, just under eight months ago, I had not written any computer code (I’m not including little bits of BASIC from the ’80s), and yet lines of code or the blinking cursor of Terminal no longer instil a sense of rising panic. Although programming has a very steep learning …

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Nov 28

Text As Networks – Annotated Bibliography

Exploring texts as networks allows connections within and between texts to be visualised in a simplified manner, enabling researchers to gain insight into complex relationships, which may otherwise remain hidden. Network analysis of texts is at the intersection of the humanities and science, and therefore has the potential to be truly interdisciplinary. This annotated bibliography …

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Nov 13

Rubber Duck Debugging

In the second week of the Coursera R Programming course and things were getting decidedly tough with the focus being on creating functions. The shift from basic calculations to writing functions is a very steep learning curve. I had made the mistake of reading a ‘warning’ post which highlighted the difficulties of creating the assignment …

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Nov 13

Learning R – Next Steps

My initial foray into the world of programming seemed to go fairly well, at least, I managed to get my head around the basics and haven’t run screaming from my laptop. There were a few areas which I found more tricky than others, but I think that some of that is because I don’t have a maths …

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Nov 13

Learning R – Understanding the Basics

As I have been delving deeper into the technicalities of a corpus-based approach to literature, it has become increasingly evident that I will need to get my head around some fairly complex statistical analysis. The more I read about this type of analysis, the more references to R I found. To be able to fully …

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Nov 09

Digital Histories – A Family Tale

Casualty Form Page 1 - UK National Archives

As Armistice Day approaches, I thought I would write a post about my own experience of digital history and why I feel that digitisation projects are so important. It is 100 years since the start of World War 1, there are no longer any living combatants. As the years pass, there it is increasingly likely that we …

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Oct 24

Reading Wars?

Stormy times ahead

The battle lines are drawn, in one corner we have Stanley Fish, the “saving remnant” who “insists on the distinction between the true and the false”, and in the other Franco Moretti, who carries out research “without a single direct textual reading” and doesn’t care if his idea is “particularly popular” (48). Two extremes, dividing …

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Oct 16

Data Visualisation – Country Statistics

Children per woman coloured to indicate rates of infant mortality

Data can be beautiful. The tools we have at our disposal mean that we can visualise and explore data in ways that simply were not possible a decade ago. Hans Rosling, the Swedish statistician who founded Gapminder, demonstrates some of the possibilities in this video: Visualising Data The Gapminder world statistics cover a huge range …

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Oct 11

Crowdsourcing – the ‘Ancient Lives’ Project

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.25.42

Crowdsourcing The term ‘crowdsourcing’ was first used by Jeff Howe in a Wired Magazine article, the word itself a portmanteau of outsourcing and crowd. Initially, the term focused on the business world and had connotations of profit, outsourcing jobs and cheap labour.   The term has been increasingly repurposed by cultural heritage and citizen science, …

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