Hello world!

To begin at the beginning, this is the beginning of a series of blog posts based on my learnings around the subject of Digital Humanities.

This was a static unchanging post, but now I have changed it by adding to the initial line, is this the same post, or a new post entirely. This is probably what goes to the heart of issues surrounding Digital Scholarly Editing: when a draft is amended, in this first simple case just by addition, which version is the true version.

Intuitively it would seem that the latest version must be the truth as this is closest to the context in which it is being read, but perhaps the truth is closer when we use a ‘versioning’ system, to display the amending, changing document in a timeline. This kind of argument seems quite simplistic when the document is amended in a linear, chronological and additional manner – but what about when subtraction enters the picture and deletes the initial meaning, the original context from the blog.

If the ‘Hello World’ blog post as initially constituted gets re-written so fully that the initial post disappears, where does the truth lie in retaining it as part of a version timeline if the author obliterates it fully.

Perhaps I shall find out when future self posts again

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