I have been working in the tv/video/media world since 1995, which is an amazingly long time. A time when VHS was still ‘a thing’.


Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to work with and for some very good people and have filmed in some interesting locations with interesting results  -particularly in the Arctic Circle, but also in some amazing places around Ireland. I have begun a new life as a part time student and am studying the emerging, merging field of Digital Humanities, a collaborative cross discipline digitised version of The Humanities ( what in my day was called ‘Arts’).

The field promises much and has already delivered a lot and as I delve into it further I look forward to finding more threads, more links between the disparate disciplines that make up our study of our culture, heritage and history. It is also an area where Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and new technologies are changing the way we view our past just as much as our present. It promises to be an interesting journey.